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Students from a local elementary school enjoy the hands-on stations in the Activity Gallery.

The Activity Gallery encourages visitors of all ages to learn about the textile arts by touching, looking and doing.

The Textile Learning Center
Through January 6, 2013

The Textile Learning Center's Activity Gallery provides opportunities for Museum visitors of all ages to learn about how textiles are made and the ways in which cultural traditions, the environment and even the economy influence the character of handmade textiles.

Visitors are encouraged to learn by touching, looking and doing. Touchable textiles ranging from a pile carpet to bark cloth, illustrate the structures, techniques and processes used to create traditional textiles. Samples of fibers in various stages of processing (from silk worm cocoons to silk thread) and examples of dyestuffs (including crushed bugs!) are used to explain how natural fibers are prepared for weaving and how color has been imparted to fiber for thousands of years.

The vocabulary used to describe textiles is rich, varied and often unfamiliar. Click here to learn some of the terms most commonly used to describe handmade textiles. These terms are a brief introduction to textile terminology and chosen to facilitate your understanding of the concepts you might encounter during your visit to The Textile Museum's website.

The Textile Museum calendar highlights upcoming learning opportunities for educators, students, adults and families.



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